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A little over a month ago, I attended a motorcycle safety class here in Richmond, put on by the Virginia State Police. During the class, they offered us the free service of producing VIN number stickers that chemically bond with whatever surface you place them. They can be removed, but the VIN number remains. They're used to prevent theft, or make it less rewarding for thieves to take them, since the VIN will be on other parts that previously did not have them, and chop shops can't as easily dispose of them. The program is called HEAT - Help Eliminate Auto Theft. You give them your name, address, make, model and year, and they create these stickers for you.

I thought, at the very least, I'd sign up and see what they looked like, and I could choose whether to affix them once I received the packet, which arrived today.

Having just opened the packet, I saw this. I took one look and said "Are you KIDDING me?" This program is intended for MOTORCYCLES. The front cover of the packet has a big image of a motorcycle. The pocket that holds the stickers refers to what to do after the stickers are affixed "to your motorcycle". And the back cover has a picture of a Vespa.

Yet, having given them my vitals and specified "HONDA", they give me Honda AUTOMOBILE stickers.

Not that I intend to use the logo stickers, but... seriously????? They don't know the difference between Honda automobile logos and Honda motorcycle logos?

Aye, aye aye.

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