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WTB stock mufflers

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Wanted to buy unmolested oem stock mufflers for my 2014 Valkyrie. must be in very good condition. if you have a pair for sale please call or text me at (814)243-1830 thank you for looking!
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Curious minds want to know...why do you need a set of oem stock mufflers? If you don't mind.
because I drilled mine out and plan on trading it in so I want the exhaust to be stock there ya go so mystery is solved now find me a set ok
Bigdaddy my torq master is on the truck being delivered today give me a couple days to get them installed and I should have a set for you. You can order a new set from Honda online direct for $799 per side, NOT AN OPTION! So Make me an offer? you can PM me so it's not out there in the public forum.
That is why I am soooo hesitant to make any major modifications. Well, that, and because I am chicken.
Personally, I've never seen/heard a drilled OEM exhaust that sounded good. I've never understood why people do it.

I'd help but mine is all scratched up.
I got another link where they are cheaper. So the asking price just went down. Still don't know what I want for them, but I guess that's only worth what people will offer me. $549 new each side
update another site cheaper, trying to save you some money, but I don't want to give them away $498
I sent you a text if your still looking for a set of pipes.
so what ... where did you drill out and how did they sound
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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