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wtb Honda Boulevard windscreen

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I'm looking to find a stock Boulevard screen and mounting hardware in excellent condition. Hoping it will work for my size, riding style, helmet, etc.
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I have a stock Boulevard screen in excellent condition that I am willing to sell for $140.00. Let me know if you are interested.

That sounds fair- I'll ask my dealer buddy how close he can come to that...
did you ride with it? did you find something better?
Hey mikefromohio... if vetman27 doesn't pull the trigger let me know.. I might want it.
Didn't hear back from vetman, so I'd be happy to sell it to you.
Yes the shield was ridden with. I needed a taller windshield and I bought the OEM tall Honda windshield.
I think that one got sold, so if there are any other Boulevard screens for sale, contact me. Thanks.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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