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Wrong Photo on Forum Pages

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Is is just me, or does anyone else see a Ducati on the "Featured Vehicle" section of the f6cforum homepage and sometimes on other pages? (I believe it's a Ducati Diavel, not sure, but it is not a Valkyrie as described.)

Not a show stopper, but weird, and possibly confusing for some visitors.

I attached the image I see. Someone tell me if they see something different.


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Ahhh, I see. Good looking ride, but still not the 2014 Valkyrie as described and not the same target audience. At least the confusion is explained. I suggest correcting this image to match the description.
Out of my pay grade, admin will have to fix it. And since they will most likely never produce that bike it is a little misleading.
Hey guys, thanks for the heads up, I have sent a change request to our team.


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Thanks, the new image looks great!
Good to hear :)

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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