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Wolfman Luggage Open House this Saturday 10-2 in Longmont CO

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I'm riding up there from Denver to look at a possible tailbag solution for my new Valkyrie. Their stuff seems more geared to adventure bikes but it looks good quality and no reason it shouldn't work on the Valk. I'll report back on what I find.
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Denver to Longmont trip pictures

Pictures of trip to Wolfman Luggage as promised including a few of the countryside looking North and West to Boulder.

Beautiful weather, friendly and helpful staff and time to chat with other bikers. A great day all around.

Soft, compressible, sturdy and weatherproof bags are going to work for me. If you can get past the looks they are a great solution. Not shown are two additional identical ones. They will serve as saddlebags when I can afford $320 :eek: for Honda's brackets and stays.

Enjoy the pics!


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