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Windscreen Mod

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Chopped 3 1/2" off the stock tall windscreen and blacked it out with Plasti-Dip


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Sorry took so long.. had a buddy who does custom bike work cut it for $20. Not sure if he used a jigsaw or whizzer or what. Youtube has a couple videos of people cutting the screen. I used a 180 grit paper to get the general shape and 1000 grit to get the edges beveled. I was surprised it worked so well without wet sanding it. The edges look stock. Really happy with it. Guy actually asked me where he could buy one! I originally said it was cut 3 1/2" but it's really more like 4 1/4". I'm 5'7'' and it sits perfect just below my nose. The original tall screen had a ton of drag and flexed a lot at 85mph+. Now it's super stiff and I can really get on it without. Hope this helps :)
looks great! Good job on that! I cut down my 97 Valkyrie windshield with a jigsaw. I put masking tape on both sides of the cut line so the jigsaw would not scratch the windshield and had a fine blade in the jigsaw. I used a file, course sandpaper, and fine sandpaper to round the edges and make them smooth. It came out great. :)
Anney buffing with the screen shortened,thinking of doing the same thing when I get my new valkerie. John
Awesome. Glad you like it. Thanks for the comment! Ride safe :)
Zero buffeting. That's why I cut it. It used to actually flex badly and cause the bars to wobble at 80+. Now it's super stable and doesn't look as ridiculously tall as the original one. Hope that helps :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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