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Windscreen Extension?

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Well...after waiting one month for the weather to improve here in Northern New England, we finally had a sunny day in the mid 50s yesterday. I hitched a ride down to my dealer, and took possession of my new, 2014 Valkyrie.
OMG...what a rocket!!!
I wanted some wind protection, but Honda's Tall Windscreen was too big. It's over 20 inches high and nearly 2 feet wide.
So, I had my dealer install one of the Honda Boulevard windscreens, which has a nice, thick, scratch-resistant, hard-coated polycarbonate screen, 6.5 inches high, and it comes with extremely well-made mounting hardware, that is clearly stronger than some of the aftermarket equipment I've seen.
However, it sits lower than I thought it would. It basically provides protection for the instruments, not so much the rider.
I would like to raise mine up maybe 5 or 6 more inches.
I've been checking out aftermarket windshield extensions, which either bolt on, or clip onto the top edge of the existing screen.
Does any of you have such a windscreen extension on your bike?
If so, how tall is it, what brand is it?
Thanks, guys :)
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Check our MRA spoiler. I have the set up on mine and it is perfect. The boulevard scree is made to keep wind off of the chest and does it very well.


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