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Why Do You Ride?

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Okay, They other day my wife asked me a question that caught me a little off guard. I was telling her how happy I was with my Valkyrie and that I loved the bike. Recently, I have taken my motorcycle to work even when the temperature dropped to 27 degrees the other day. I work about 30 minutes away from where I live and will sacrifice morning temperatures so that I can ride in 50 degree temperatures in the afternoon. She asked me this question and I wanted to pose it to you.

She asked me “Why do you like to ride so much”? I told her that is was difficult to put into words and then I had an idea. I wanted to relate it in a way that she could understand. She came from a family of artist. I went into the other room and grabbed a blank canvas and brought it back to her. I held up the white canvass and told her this is why I ride. She looked at me puzzled. I told her that in the hands of an artist that blank canvass could become priceless and could become anything that the artist felt and envisioned. I explained that when I get on my motorcycle I become that blank canvass. I don’t have to meet up to anyone’s standard, I don’t have responsibilities, I don’t have bills and many times when I ride, I don’t even have to think (exluding all safe riding practices and habits). I told her there are times that I ride for a couple of hours and I don’t have a single thought cross my mind or I can escape the stresses of life. At times, the only feeling I have is wind on my face. There are not many times in life where one can get away and can become anything they want and be completely stress free. Much like that blank canvass, I can be totally blank or my thoughts can be a beautiful picture of my choosing.

She seemed to get it. She does ride with me but she rides for a completely different reason. Hers is to have time with me doing something that I Love.

Why do you ride or why do you like to ride so much?
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I had to wait until I was older and the kids were out. I have a son and a daughter. Son is about to go to university and married daughter is moving in a couple of days.

So, I can now appreciate riding more than ever. It's the sights, sounds, smells, challenge, and above all, the spiritual aspect that everything I'm seeing is a blessing from God.

I'm doing something different. Outside in the air and the elements. I can spend a few hours on the road to nowhere, drink in the experience, and return home a new man.

It's like this every time and never gets old. I can't relate to the guys that have lost interest in riding.

It's my medicine and I have to take it each day if I can.
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I've tried many times to answer this question and what I come up with never quite says it. I've come to the conclusion that words can't capture it but every rider knows what "it" is. "Freedom" is the best word I can find but it sounds cheesy to a non-rider so I try not to use it. If I'm really pressed I now answer the questioner with my own question: "Why do you eat?" They usually don't answer. They don't have to.
If I didn't ride I would not see any reason to be going to work all week. Put it that way :)
When I play sand volleyball I'm not the first one picked, anymore. When I ride my Valk I'm as good as anyone on the road. Better than most. Keeps me young.
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After being nearly killed in a crash on a Magna a few years ago, people are shocked that I still ride and I get the question frequently. My answer usually goes something like this:

It's hard to explain, but it sets my spirit free. Fall off a horse, get right back on. If you've ever seen a car going down the road with a window down and dog's head sticking out, ears and tongue flapping in the breeze...the DOG GETS IT !

I responded to one retirement age guy by asking if he'd ever been in a car accident.
"Yes, 16 times!"
"WOW! Yet you still get in the car?"
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