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Which to buy 2014 or 2015

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Morning everyone...
I actually joined back in 2015 but because of medical problems I never got my valkerie... I found 2 new ones at a dealer today. 2014 blue for 9,999 or 2015 red for 11,499 which is 1,500 higher. Which should I get in your opinions??
Is anyone aware of the differences between the two years? I haven’t been able to find any articles with that information..
Thanks Sammy-D
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Nothing changed really.
Is one model ABS (also has automatic turning signals stop)?
If not, keep the extra 1500 for some accessories unless you don't like the blue color.
I just bought a new blue 2014, the 2014 had a 3000 rebate and the 2015 had a 1500 rebate so I went with the 2014 and will spend the money on extras. Dealer told me they were the same except color and rebate. People I ride with really like the blue color. hope this helps.
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