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Where and how to install USB power port

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I want to install a USB power port on my valk and I think I read that the bike is prewired for easy install. Is that right? Where is the best place(pics if you have) to put it and how to install it. I want to power my cell and maybe my Sena comm system. I appreciate any input.
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under the seat, on the right side
it is ready , just buy the Honda P/N: 08E70-MJR-670, it costs about $180
there is a dummy connector-colored black, ready to be connected, just remove the 2 pin tip
from the connector and connect to the socket
i installed it today, it worked fine, it is switched power
Thanks myviolet, I found it at Amazon for $75. It also looks like something at my skill level. I originally was looking for something bar mount for my cellphone but I think this could work also.
you certainly can do it and we dont even need to remove the seat, just a bit difficult to remove the dummy 2 pin plug, if that is the case, remove the seat makes it easier
Yes removing the seat is a must for anyone with big hands. other than that it was a breeze. I also installed a the boulevard windshield which looks nice but doesn't do much. I really only wanted it to have a place to mount my EZ pass.
I tapped into the headlight power on mine right below the instrument cluster. Gives switched power, which I use to charge my iPhone using a wireless charging pad.
My bike came with a Battery tender pigtail attached, I left it on and added a USB connection. So now I have power on both sides of the bike, but both are under the seat and behind the plastic side covers.
Just be careful using the pigtail connection as it is directly wired to the battery and not switched, which will put a constant drain on your battery even if the bike is off.
... unless you put a switch on it so it can charge the intercoms while you are having lunch... which is what I did as I want to charge the intercoms while I am having lunch, also lots cheaper and allows me to put more switches and lights and crap on my bike haha
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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