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Whelen LIN3 Linear Super LED

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I just added a Whelen LIN3 Linear Super LED lighthead in Red in place of the horizontal rear reflector above the license plate. It flashes intermittently as you hit the brake and seems to keep the tailgaters at bay in Nashville traffic. It has a near perfect fit to the plastic plate frame and looks factory. It's a bit "iffy" on street legal but I opt for safety. I know of two other bikes that have had this mod on their bike for a few years and have rode the country without issue so I added it as well. A good safety investment at about $ 75.00
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Very useful post. Thank you! They are also available on Amazon and Ebay.:)
Does it also double as a marker light or only brake ? Very interested ! Please post a picture if you can !

I have it wired into the brake light. I believe if you wired it into a marker, it would cross that legal line as it would flash consistently. However, the intermittent nature of the flash makes it effective to the less than attentive drivers we have in Nashville.


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I also fabricated a T bracket that allows me to keep the reflector in play. It moved it under the plate.
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