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What Rain Gears do you Like

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I'm looking for some new rain gear what the best for the dollar? which one breathes And which one tucks away the best.
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Birthday suit, My wife doesn't let me get that kind of attention. ☺
Sorry I just re-read the title, depending my speed and how heavy the rain is usually just third and forth gears, second at low speeds~
GA Valk, actually you were right with your first answer. He was looking for rain gear. :)
Are you on drugs $1200 for a rain suit. I'm made of sugar but I'll melt before I drop that much change on a suit. Thanks for the input.
I just meet this suite here and there on the web and everyone claims that it is best overall but obviously not for the dollar.
I like Rudolph the rain gear.
Are you on drugs $1200 for a rain suit

I AM! >:D>:D>:D>:D>:D>:D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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