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What jacket is everyone wearing? Quick reviews...

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What jacket is everyone wearing? Quick reviews... Thought I would start a thread for posting our opinions on Jackets and pants...

My cold weather/early season gear... highly recommended if you live close to the Rocky Mountains in Canada

Icon Raiden DKR Jacket Actually an adventure touring jacket and pants, the Raiden DKR is my early season cold weather gear... 32 degrees F. The Raiden DKR jacket is fully waterproof with help from a DuPont Teflon coated shell. Although fitted with large zippered vents it is too hot for warm weather riding. D3O armor covers the elbows, shoulders and back and it has 12 pockets inside and out...
"and now the copy paste... lol"

  • FIT: Raiden Relaxed Fit
  • MATERIAL: Honeycomb Ripstop Chassis / Laminated HycorTM Membrane
  • PROTECTORS: D3O® Impact Protectors - Shoulders, Elbows, Back
  • LINER: Insulated Thermolite PlusTM Full Liner - Removable
  • DETAILS: 2 Chest Vents, 2 Pit Vents, 1 Exhaust Vent, Sublimated Chassis, Get Blocktm Waterproof Chest Pocket Zipper, YKK® Waterproof Zippers, Double Storm Flap with Rare Earth Magnet Closure, Waterbladder Hose Routing, 3M® Reflective Accents, Rear Storage, Ballistic Nylon Paneling, Three Position Elbow Protector Pockets, Fully Taped Seams
My warm weather Gear...

Joe Rocket Alter Ego 13.0 Jacket... Hi Viz
Very cool design... 3 layers...
Outer layer: 100% waterproof Rock Tex™ 600 outer shell
Next layer: made from close weave mesh and Rock Tex 600™ sooo much air flow that it is cool even in 90 degree F plus weather...(its going to be 85 to 96F the rest of the week here) and this is where the body armor is... this layer is also Hi-Viz...
The Hi Viz is so awesome that on the free way when I come up behind people in their cars they move over to the right... really cuts down on my commute time...
"and now another copy paste... lol"

  • Removable Vault™ C.E. approved shoulder and elbow protectors
  • Removable Vault™ C.E. approved spine protector
  • Removable quilted warmth liner
  • Sleeve vents
  • Sure Fit™ sleeve adjusters
  • Sure Fit™ waist adjusters
  • Rocket Locker™ rear storage pouch
  • Waterproof vent and pocket zippers
  • 4 snap loops for pant attachment
  • Reflective trim
  • Meta Sport System™ converts to mesh jacket
  • Face shield pocket
  • Inner jacket made from close weave mesh and Rock Tex 600™ reinforcements
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I wear a Joe Rocket mesh jacket in the warmer weather and a Tourmaster Saber Series textile jacket for the cooler days. I rarely ride without a jacket on. I find the mesh jackets are cooler when riding in hot weather than just a t-shirt, and a lot safer too.
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I had a JR Phoenix mesh, but sold it last year. It was too heavy.
I replaced it with a FirstGear mesh, much better. I take a Tall size (LT), and only JR and FirstGear makes jackets that fit me.
For Fall and Spring I've got a FirstGear Kilimanjaro, and a Leather King heavy lined cruiser style unarmored jacket that really cuts the wind.
Red Joe rocket. Love the jacket mesh with liner. Goldwing licensed.
Mesh Joe Rocket UFO in Heat as they are in larger sizes 4xl
Joe Rocket Leather (zip out panels to reveal Mesh sides ) and a Joe Rocket touring in 4XL (Warm for cold weather like 35 degrees)
Dont wear the real warm one but a couple of times a year down here
I do Joe Rocket as they have larger sizes and last years models are alway cheap on ebay
All of them were under $110 shipped

I have no connection to Ebay or sellers
Joe Rocket; Alter Ego Pic while on bike


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Summer Pants - Klim Mojave Pants ( Extremely comfortable and the most breathing pants ever. Supports any type of knee protection (in pants, on knees :p)
Summer Jacket - Icon Anthem 2 Jacket ( Great ventilation. Works perfectly with Forcefield elbow and shoulder protection which is extremely breathable as well ( and Of course there is room for decent back protector of your choice.

Both items are not really cruiser look but because of amazing Valkyrie style it lets you look and feel cool in street style gear or any other :)
Thank you Kyryll for the post ... I know now the next pair of pants I will likely try...
SW Florida. Nov.-March: BMW Atlantis 4 jacket. The only leather jacket I've owned that is and stays 100% waterproof. I normally ride to work at 6.30 am and it does get down into the mid 40ies to upper 30ies. In the afternoon, however, it can be warm.

Summer: Firstgear mesh jacket, BMW Summer cargo pants and a good rain suit, just in case. It is typically in the low-mid 80ies in the morning and between 95F and 100F in the afternoon. A well-ventilated mesh is actually better than wearing just a t-shirt as it keeps the sun off. In Summer, it dumps pretty much every afternoon for an hour or two. No jacket whatsoever will help. If you decide to ride in that kind of tropical downpour only the best rain suits will do, as it can rain sideways and the water will start coming into sleeves, legs, and neck.
Even though it has been 4 bikes ago, I still love my Victory leather jacket. The logo is indented and hard to read, so it is not that big of a deal.
Ever since a guy pulled out from a stop sign and hit me and said "I never saw you".
I wear High Rez. I hope it will help the next guy see me!
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I have a Macna Oasis. Wonderful jacket, multiple useful removable layers (insulated and rain) and love the black color, but I do sometimes wish I would've went with the coyote tan design.
SC here. I wear a first gear mesh in the summer nothing good or bad to say about it. Cooler fall/winter riding it's my Fox Creek leather. With the liner in I can ride into the 50's with a tee shirt under it. In the 40's I have to layer a thermal and long sleeve shirt. In the 30's I don't ride.
Textile - Scorpion EXO Hat Trick, reflective, four season, armor
Leather - Milwaukee, Old School Classic
Summer - Deer skin, lined and unlined
Winter - Olympian Weather King Extra Touch
I avoid rain, used to ride 40 and above, that seems to be moving up a few degrees with every passing year
For summer.... Pilot Motosport Mesh jacket with elbow, shoulder, and back armor (padding) in HiVis green.In winter, I'll wear it over a H/D leather jacket.
Far too many guys still running around in all black. And they complain when cars cut them off. These days there's no need with all the excellent hi viz products. We choose each time we ride: badass or visible.
San Diego Leather jacket, They used to be Cal Leather, made jackets for the Motor Officers for many years. Custom fitted for me, very comfortable and yes, black. Badass no, Durable yes. Comfortable from 100F to 19F although at 19F the rides are shorter!
I have a fox creek leather jacket with removable liner. I wear flannel lined jeans for colder weather and icon leather boots.if it gets any colder than that I layer thermals and shirts and can add my carhartt canvas quilted over pants. I had Velcro added to the cuffs so I can keep the wind out. I use leather gloves as well. In the summer the gloves are finger tip less and a high vis mesh jacket with armor in the elbows, shoulders, and lower back. I got the summer gear at cycle center. I don’t remover who makes it
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