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I just picked up my Black Valkyrie about three weeks ago now. And the day after I got it the HUGE SNOW storm came in, and there she has sat with 76 miles on her! I have owned countless motorcycles over the years, but that has never happened to me. This is my third Goldwing so it's not like I haven't ridden that fine motor before, but still....
It has given my time to: put on the new large windshield,(I, also, have the short one for summer time put together and ready to go on my work bench.) new Revco highway pegs mounted to the valve covers, rear rack, back rest, and saddlebag mounts. I don't plan to use the Honda bags - I just needed the bag mounts - for now. I use a set of Nelson Rigg saddlebags that hold all the stuff I need for a good weekend rally run, and they're easy to take off when you get home. I will - when the mounts are made - put on a set of bag mounts that will fit my Hepco Becker hard bags that I use. There is a company called Moto Machine that says they will have them ready in the future. (When future is I'm not sure, but my guess is about 6 months or so...) If you are interested in this sort of set up - contact them and express an interest in having a set and maybe we can speed up the process.

Looking forward to many great years with my "Stripped down Wing." AS SOON AS I CAN GET HER OUT OF THE GARAGE!!!:rolleyes:
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