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Welcome to - Please post an introduction!

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Welcome to!

We are a friendly community of Honda Valkyrie riders and enthusiasts. We all love riding, and many of us are looking at getting new Honda F6C Valkeryie.

Please post a bit about yourself. Who you are, why you love or hate the Honda F6C Valkyrie, and a bit of your riding history.

Cheers! :)
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Glad to be here. I started out with the usual 1/4 and move my way up to liter sports and now I just want a cruiser, something to take it a bit easy with that still is a bit sporty, the Valkeryire seems to be it!
Can't believe there is a site already out for the new Valkyrie. Looking to learn more about the is and help me make up my mind before comitting. I am liking the look with the lesser fairing compared to the F6B.
Proud new owner

Good morning all. Just got my new 2014 Valkyrie, or F6C as it is called over here. Must have to say what a bike. Its presence is just awesome
. I traded in my Victory Highball for this beauty and not one regret. Having had numerous mainstream cruisers in the past this bike is a bit new for me, might need bit of time to get used to it, will have to go out riding more, well that's what I will be telling the wife. Hope I can call on you guys for any help and info in the future as no doubt there will be plenty to talk about. Thank you in advance and look forward to a great riding future
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Nouveau venu


J'ai un 1500 f6c 1999 noire et grise.Très belle moto, moteur formidable, solide, que du bon avec cette machine depuis + de 13 année.
Je viens de m'en séparer pour l'achat de la nouvelle f6c 1800 noire
J'étais dans le doute au départ au niveau du look complètement différent avec l'ancienne, mais plus j'allais la voire au garage honda et plus je la trouvais terrible.
Je pense que cette moto est a part, elle sort de tout ce qui se fait aujourd'hui, elle sera je pense comme l'ancienne, une moto d'exception.
J'ai peu roulé avec (je l'ai eu le 02 08 2014) mais déjÃ* les sensations sont lÃ*, quel couple, ce moteur est magique, a la fois doux, et si rageur quand on tourne un peu la poignée droite. Je l'adore, le F6C 1999 était ma meilleur moto, la 2014 fait encore mieux.
Si je peux j'enverrai des photos des deux.
Désolé pour la langue, je suis de France.
Merci de m'avoir accueilli sur votre super et très intéressant forum.
Bonne route Ã* tous
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Désolé, je n'arrive pas à poster les photos. je ne connais pas URL de mes images et comment le faire
Hi everyone! I have been riding all types and brands of motorcycles for many years 40+ and one of those was a 1997 Valkyrie! I always loved that bike and kicked myself in the butt after I sold it. I have not bought a new 1014 Valkyrie yet, but I'm thinking about it very much. I presently ride a 2012 Victory Vision and I'm looking to go down in size a little bit. I enjoy your forum and receive valuable information here ! Thanks Denny
I live in France (Versailles). There are 2 months I have my F6C. I ride a motorcycle all year to go to my work. I also have a 1200 bmw rt when I find the weather not very exitante for F6C. Excuse my English using machine translation. The F6C is my tenth motorcycle since 1971.
Tom Kane

Does anyone offer a new modern windshield for the 2014 Valkyrie. I hate the Honda one offered.
in new to the form and glad to be here, i just bought my f6c sat.and loving it so far ,it is my 57th bike,i traded a 2014 indian chief for it,i love how smooth that flat 6 is ,so when i figer out how to post piks i will, ialso still have a 2013 canam spyder,my wife loves the comfert of it so i wont sell it any time are some if they come out.


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Where did you get the fairing? And who makes it?
thanks for accept my registration in your forum
i am english it s basic ... but i learn every days....ha ha ha
i buy new HONDA F6C ans i no have to much kilometres but this machine sendtome many pleasure....except on parking...ha ha ha
Hello I'm Surfndad, also know as Ted. I have been riding since 1974, from a 250 Yamaha to the last three bikes a K1200RS BMW, a 2000 Valkyrie Interstate to our beloved F6C. I'm in Virginia Beach Va. two kids loving wife and hope to retire soon and start doing laps around the USA. Just found out that there are cruise liners that will load up your bike and take you around the south seas to enjoy riding in tropical ports.


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My first bike was a Yamaha 250 for just a few hundred miles. Then I bought a Honda VFR750 new and rode it for 3 years. Then had a CBR900RR for several years. Total lifetime miles ridden maybe 30,000.

After not riding at all for a few years, I decided to try something different. My selection process kept coming back to the Valkyrie. I noticed many seasoned journalists commenting on how fun it is to ride.

Mine is the blue 2014. Picked it up 2 days ago. Sure the novelty has not worn off yet and for me it was a big purchase. Still it feels every bit the magic carpet ride I was hoping for.
Hello! I just picked up my 2014 Black Valkyrie 3 weeks ago and I'm happy to say that this machine is a beast! I currently own a 2009 Harley VROD Muscle which is now going to be my short distance bike. The Valkyrie rides more comfortable and agile on corners. I'm really enjoying riding this beast!!! Ride safe everyone!
Welcome to the club vsting. Thanks for the input on the different handling between the VROD and the F6C.
New 2014 F6C owner

Hello F6C Crew!

I am a six year old rider. I have had since the beginning:

1999 Yamaha 650 Vstar - Loved - Not enough power for a 6ft 230+ person at highway speeds
1999 Honda Shadow ACE Tourer - Loved - Tank to small for long trips
2013 Kawasaki Venture - Not a big fan - It was just not for me, I loved all the creature comforts and it had plenty of power, but the ride was not what I was looking for.

And last and definitely not least is my New 2014 Honda Valkyrie. As many of you already know, this thing is an absolute beast!. When I test rode it, there was a permanent smile on my face that I am still wearing (on the inside of course). As its no surprise. This is the most powerful bike I have every ridden. Having a blast with it. Not digging the no windscreen and no bags, but that will be rectified but the weekend.

I live in the Kansas City, MO area and have a few riding buddies I can't wait to get in a ride or two with.

Cool factor has never felt so good!
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Hi every body,

My english is poor also i hope you understand all i write ;-)

Well if all is ok i buy my F6C and i am looking for a maximum information.

I try it and love it but i don't like the sound of the F6C i hope to have a good solution to change the exhaust.

I live in France, near the french riviera at the city of Toulon.
I hAve a vf750c . I bought it in 1982 and I think is (for me) a fantastic motorcycle! I have also a 2009 Hd softail heritage classic. It is heavy and the engine is not comparable to the modulability of vf4cylinder engine.
I've read a lot about f6c:it has a great motor, its weight is the same of the heritage and also I hope is better in short mountain loops....I will test it and want to hear in forum if f6c has defects. How do you think in the easy driving in short loops? Is it good also for passenger?
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