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I grew up here. There's a ton of good rides if you're around. Traffic can be really awful but not always.
Split in to 2 groups:

Falls Rd -> Clipper Mill Rd. A short twisty interesting ride from the Station North Arts district going NW a bit. Lots of interesting old mills and architecture there.

Frederick Rd / 144. Start in Baltimore at the B&O Railroad Museum (a favorite) and go West on Lombard St until you hit Frederick Ave. You hop on and off Rt 40 and keep going west. In Mt. Airy do a quick dogleg north on 27 to get back on 144 (it's weird, I don't get it) and keep going all the way to Frederick. Lots of Civil War era history there.

Rt 1 north out of Baltimore up to the PA line. Over the beautiful Conowingo dam. I got stuck in traffic behind an Amish buggy there. Good times.

Rt 450 from Bladensburg east out to Annapolis. Some traffic snarls early on but then it's a nice wooded ride. Make sure it hasn't rained for a few days however, there's one section that occasionally floods. Also don't go around the time of the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Traffic stops. Forever.

Rt 50 from downtown DC out across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. There are some stretches that are just long, straight and great for top speed testing or so I've heard, I would never do that. Never. *ahem* If you cross the bridge take 322 in Easton and make a right on 33, which goes out to St. Michaels. Lots of good restaurants, micro brews and distilleries. Say hi to Lyon Distilling for me and get me a bottle of rum.

Rt 5 south off of 495 all the way down to Point Lookout. Old Civil War era land, lots of good shops, beautiful countryside. I love Maryland.

Rt 3/301 from Baltimore down through southern Maryland. You can stop at Apehangers biker bar for good food and interesting people watching, then go across the Harry Nice bridge in to Virginia. Just across the bridge take a right on 206 west, then a right on 218/Caledon Rd. Lovely lazy curve ride through pretty country that takes you back to I95.

193 West/Georgetown Pike in Virginia off 495. Don't go at rush hour or bad weather but Fun twisty road otherwise. Ride west to Rt 7/ Leesburg Pike, then ride THAT west in to Leesburg, then take 15 north through Point of Rocks and on in to Frederick, MD.

From 270 in Maryland, take 28 West. In Dawsonville, veer left on 107. Apparently the Watershed Cafe in Poolsville hosts a bike brunch the 1st and 3rd Sunday of most riding season months. Haven't been yet but want to. You can keep going west on 107 until you get to White's Ferry, an operational ferry at a crossing active since the Civil War. Pretty countryside.

...More as I remember / ride them.
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