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Variations of Windscreen Mods...

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So I've been trying to figure out the right amount of wind protection and balance out the buffeting that always seems to show up when you start adding windshields to cruisers. I've had so many cruisers where the buffeting was a nightmare, just gives you a headache on the interstate and lets face Florida has a lot of interstate.

So I need some protection on the Valk but nothing crazy, at least that's the way it starts. So here's how it started with mine and hopfully this will help me feel out which screen to buy ultimately, I knew I needed brackets from the Bouldvard setup anyway so here it went..

Step 1: acquire the Honda Boulevard screen. This is actually a pretty good little screen. It really does help on the interstate for sure I found myself tooling along at 80mph with ease vs before I felt like I was holding on for dear life.

Don't get me wrong you still get a lot of air, you just get it higher up, I'm short so for me the main blast hits me in the faceshield instead of mid chest. Still can't ride on the interstate with no helmet or even a half helmet but a full face makes it easy to ride it all day out there an be ok. Certainly not as tiring.
Here's the screen:

It may not seem like much but it does work and it does help. If you think you'll wear a half helmet well still no joy on that one.

When I got home I realized I had the old screen off my F6B that was about 5" taller than the shorty boulvard so...

Step 2: Modify the F6B screen to fit. That required driling just 4 new holes in it and bolting it on. Actually looked like it was made for it, went around the turn signals and everything. It was tinted so it looked cool too. The problem. I'm short so it moved the air bubble just to the top of my helmet just out of the clean air so at 55mph and above I got this annoying buzz in my head that was just enough to give me a headache. That was really disappointing.
Here's the F6B screen mounted:

So after a little test ride I started thinking about another thread I read here about someone using the MRA Vario touring clamp on touring lip on there boulevard screen and that got me thinking what if I used the boulevard screen on top of the F6B screen like a touring lip to move the air up just enough to stop the buffeting. So I got some tape and just taped it up to sort of mock it up and just did a short ride. It really did seem to help calm things down so I went for it. I figure I already drilled out the F6B screen so what's a couple more holes.

Step 3: Mount the boulevard screen to the F6B screen and use it as a lip. A couple holes, some rubber washers and removable nuts (for easy on/off) and now I have a tour lip. Overall its about 14.5" tall and while I haven't had a chance to really go for a longer ride it seems like this is the right height at least for me. It cleans the air up enough but I can still look over it and maybe wear a half helmet and still be able to do some interstate without getting my brains scrambled from the buffeting.
Some pics mounted, it's harder to see cause it's so clear, kind of a good thing:

Overall if this works out well I'll do one of two things. Either just leave it and enjoy it, or before I dropped another $180 on the Gustaffson screen or $280 on the Secdem screen (also 14.5" tall) I'll know for sure this is the right height that works. Or I guess option 3 buy the touring lip from MRA and use that though I don't like all the brackertry on it, kinda like the Madstad setup for the F6B it's just no attractive no matter how good it may work.

So hopefully this helps some of you and it least shows what's possible with just some stuff laying around the garage. What do you all think?
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Glad to hear the boulevard screen gets the air up some. I just ordered it ( for the brackets ) and the +3 Gustafsson tinted in red. Will be happy to just get the wind off me chest so I can relax a tad more
I think I'm going to ultimately go for the Gustafsson as well but in the 14 or 15" variety. If it's to short the air just beats my head around I have to either get my helmet in the wind or out of it, anything else just buffets it around and makes for a very annoying ride.
Thanks for sharing your ideas, looks great.

I also agree about keeping the bike looking good. Even if it works but makes the bike look like a pile of dog ****, it ain't gonna happen.:)

It's amazing how many thumbs up and awesome bike complements I get when out riding...

I don't mind the wind, what I'm working on is tires.

IMO tires are going to be the big problem (in the future) for this bike.
I ride a lot of miles per year and paying well over $400.00 per set just won't cut it.:(
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I feel your pain on the tire issue. Just traded my zx10r in recently. Good for about 550 a season for tires. Hadn't even looked at prices for the valkyrie yet. Not getting many miles right now thanks to broken ribs from my xr and my stupidity lol
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