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I've been spending some time on carpark work and am now at the point where I can "stand" on the outside peg and turn full lock. Three things I've learned from this:

1. The bike is ridiculously stable. With all that low down (engine) weight and all that outside (rider) weight, the thing just "can't" (famous last words) tip over. You can virtually come to a standstill on a steep lean!!

2. The Valkyrie's turning circle isn't great, even on full lock and leaned over. It kinda turns like a cruise ship.

3. This sort of work translates directly into more confident riding on the road. Knowing the limits of your bike - and in this case they're pretty generous limits - makes you much more comfortable in the real world.

My plan is to get really good at this stuff and also to start taking the Valkyrie to track days. I want the bike to feel like part of me. It's probably the last bike I'll own.
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