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Valkyrie service

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I just hit 600 miles. I’ve read some posts that folks didn’t do a 600 mile service and when did you go full synthetic? I was wondering what you all did. Thanks in advance.
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No need for a 600 check up.
First oil change is 4000 miles.
I will change mine when I store in for the winter. I have about 2700 miles on now.
My salesperson, the GM and the service manger told ME 5,000 miles. I thought that was kinda high so I contacted another Honda stealership and they said between 4,000 and 5,000 miles. I still think that's a long time for a FIRST service!!!! IMHO
I think I am going to go ahead and change it at 1000 miles. Not sure if it was filled with oil when crated back in 2014 or if they fill when assembled. Anybody know?
Hi, I am in a similar position to you with 600 mile point looming. For the sake of around £35 i am going to change my oil and filter for good quality semi synthetic. Its easy to do and i plan to keep this bike a long time so i see it as an investment. The bike is not going to do much over winter anyway. I may swap to fully synthetic in a few thousand miles but i prefer to let the engines really bed in. Its a very subjective topic this. If you dont think you are going to keep it then maybe leave it as others have said ........
Dealer told me first oil change is 3,000 miles
The purpose of the 600 mile check (in the owner’s manual) is for a general review. There are no specific service items called out for inspection or replacement. It is a recommended point to check for loose bolts, connections, confirm brake and other adjustments, check for leaks, etc. I also used it for an oil change point also - just because I like fresh oil and filter early to be certain any possible debris from manufacturing has been filtered/flushed.

The point to change to synthetic is hotly debated. Some argue for a break-in period (up to the point of 3000 mile oil change), while others say it does not matter. I will stay out of that argument. Do your own research and make your own decision and use a compatible synthetic.

I follow the recommendations in the Owner's manual. If anything goes wrong, I have the proof and would challenge Honda that any problems were as a result of their recommendations. But to each his own. The bike calls for 87 octane fuel, but I see people paying much more for a higher octane. In my opinion, that is a waste of money, but not my business.
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I changed my oil at 1500 mi - Changed final drive at 1150 mi- I drilled tip of engine drain plug and put a magnet in it.Both had normal break in metal particles, Very much so on final drive,it has magnet already
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