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Valkyrie owner downunder

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Hello all

a spontaneous purchase has resulted in my ownership of a very low KM 2014 black Valkyrie. My previous bike was a 1993 BMW R100RT (pictured).... a classic machine, one of the last of the aircooled models. After my last road trip on the RT I decided I wanted something with a bit more grunt. I like boxer engines so the Valkyrie/Goldwing was on the cards. I decided on the Valkyrie for it's looks. I wanted to move away from the two-wheeled apartment look of the Goldwing.

I have only ridden the bike home after purchase so far. It is quite simply a revelation. I washed and polished it today. The parking area in my apartment block is a cork screw ascent to the top. I placed the bike in first, released the clutch and off we throttle. Good grief.

I have already ordered the parts to add a centre stand and plan on upgrading the seat to a Corbin two up model with a pillion backrest.

It will be sad to see the BMW go, but alas I only have room for one bike and the car in my parking spot.


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