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Valkyrie on Dyno yesterday

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Wasn't sure where to post, so move if needed.

Yesterday free Dyno run at local college for open house, I've gone to this event last 5 years with 5 different bikes, very stingy Dyno in my opinion, but probably very accurate.

Bike info:2014 with less thank 1,000 miles, slip ons, K&N filter and Boosterplug(look it up)


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Yep, that number looks pretty close to me. We do loose hp because of the shaft drive. I guess they didn't give torque numbers?
I had seen torque on other runs, not sure why it didn't show on mine.
No power commander, I went with a Boosterplug this time, look it up for details.
That looks interesting. Did the Boosterplug give any better throttle response, or extra power that you can notice?
Ok, I checked the write ups on the Boosterplug and it looks like it sets the intake sensor to read that the air temp is cooler than it really is by 6%.

I remember reading about a guy on the Goldwing forum that did something similar with a 2200 ohm resister soldered to the wiring for the air sensor.
Riding it to the Dyno was the first time I rode it with it on, felt good to me. Look at my Dyno graph, nice and smooth
would like to see with and without readouts

I find acceleration to be smooth from the factory - without side by side data it seems to be a solution looking for a problem
I tried a Boosterplug on my T120 Bonneville because of a surging at low speed. Didn't make any noticable difference as far as I Could tell riding it. The only thing I could notice was a stronger smell of petrol from the exhaust fumes. So i took it off. In principle I get what the thing is supposed to do but I just didnt like the idea of some wonder gadget being stuck into the wiring loom. I got cold feet and lived with it. Until I sold it .........
I don't have any before data, bike runs awesome to me so I am happy with it. I'd like to see some other dyno sheets to compare, not coming up with much on this site though. What prompted me to try the Boosterplug over a Power Commander which I have used in countless bikes, was 1 the price, Boosterplug $160, Power Commander $445. There are no maps for the Power Commander and on top of that price I would need a Dyno tune to make one. The science behind the Boosterplug made sense to me and I read many reviews and saw dyno info on other bikes also. Just wanted to share my experience.
100hp to 105hp is quite common readings for our bikes through my research . lots of variables here though . bolts on mods like we are speaking about if you average it out are not worth the effort in my book but hey, to each his own. mine is bone stock except for the ecu mod. 1st and 2nd gear acceleration scare the **** out of me. lol!
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