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Valkyrie 1800 indicator timing

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Hi guys from AUSTRALIA,,i have just purchased a anew VALKYRIE 1800 and in my opinion the indicators cancel way too quick...Usually way before i reach the turn..Does anyone know if the indicator timing is adjustable so it stays on longer Brian
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I think you must have an ABS equipped bike. I have had both, non ABS and ABS and notice the same thing you have. It seems the turn off based on a certain amount of distance traveled. Do not know how to adjust.
I have a non-ABS and I never noticed mine self cancel. Although I've never noticed if I've driven for any significant amount of time with it on. ABS bikes usually use the ABS sensor signal to judge distance and cancel. Non-ABS (like a Yamaha Roadliner I used to have) simply use an electrical module to cancel after a certain duration of time.
It's not adjustable mate they are set to distance and there is a switch at the bottom of the lower tree which turns them off after a corner same as the goldwing just have to keep an eye open and hit the switch again :) :)
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