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Valk is gone! :(

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After 10 months and 12k awesome miles on my 'forever' bike. I somehow converted to the Africa Twin! I wish I could handle two bikes at the same time, but I had to try the Africa Twin and it is a hoot. The valkyrie is the first bike I can say I will own again though! :)
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Good luck with the new ride. And don't be a stranger!
I did look at the vfr1200x. A little bit too heavy for the gnarly crap I wanted to get into, I was afraid of hurting the 1200, not so much the big crf1000. I used to have the standard vfr1200, a 2010. I liked it a lot, but the seating position was a bit uncomfortable with the far reach for the bars, and I am 6'1. I thought of the Heli bars for it, but decided to trade in while values were up on them! The 1200x probably would have put me in just the right seating position comparably!

I have to admit....I miss the extra 4 cylinders, and the sound, and the power.......talking about the valk here..... ;)
My stock seat is for sale from the Valk if anyone wants it!
I kept my '03 KLR and added a '14 Valk to the stable this week. The KLR has 19,000 trouble-free miles on it, and is under $100 a year to register and under $100 a year to insure.

Let me know how much for the stock seat. I cannot do PM yet, under 15 posts.
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