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15K on New F6C since January after accident. Spending 2 months in AZ riding. Love the Valkyrie. Added highway pegs. Old F6C had front tire cupping at 3k but increased pressure to 40psi seemed to help - wrecked at 10K and tires were still good. New F6C front tire had excessive wear on left side at 3k (running 39psi) and the rubber did not look right. Kept wearing fast on left side. Kept reading forum looking for better tires/answers and waiting. At 12k the front tire was worn off on the left side (back tire was good) and then I had a flat (nail) on the rear. Went ahead and got OEM replacements - did not realize how bad the old tires were until riding on the new ones. Moral - I was a moron for not just changing the tires and waiting too long while looking for alternatives. Will see how these new ones run. Appreciate reading everyone's experience.
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