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Two Brothers Racing Exhaust

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I sent an Email to Two Brothers Racing about producing slip-ons for the F6C. Here is their response:

Hey Frank,

I will present this to my designers and let them know there are people asking about an exhaust for this bike.

Thanks for the inquiry,

Dan Strudwick
Two Brothers Racing, Inc | Customer Service
401 S. Grand Ave. Santa Ana CA 92705

So, who knows it may become a reality. Let's call them and get the ball rolling.
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Nice work goldstar ! I will be making that call .
From Two Brothers : yes we will make it but it's a off season project. Stay tuned on our website .
Thanks, Blackwidow. I guess the only thing I can say to Two Brothers is, "You snooze, you lose!":(
I got the same feedback from TWOBRO's. That they will start R&D in Aug. or Sept. off season. But if we keep pinging on them we might get lucky and see them sooner. I also sent a request out to AVON tires on a new size for out front and rear in the Cobra style. I had a set of Venom-R on a bike and loved them.
I called also got the same info like gold star said you snooze you lose!
Well, I don't think they'll "snooze and lose" since their only competition is Delkevic at this point. While an aftermarket exhaust would be better, based on the F6B exhaust that Two Brothers makes, I'll just wait them out.

Of course it's just a matter of personal taste. I don't particularly care for the obviously sportbike muffler look of the Delkevic or the sound compared to the Two Brothers.
I definitely love the sound of the Two Bros. My snooze and lose comment is because people would really like to have an aftermarket pipe, now! I fully intend to wait for the Two Bros. I just wish it would be sooner than later! I've done my share of pestering them. Actually, the stock pipe doesn't sound all that bad.
I went on a ride with out local Goldwing club and had One trike and about 6 full wings in the pack and the two behind me stated that when I was in the corners getting on and coming off the gas at about 3.5-5.5K on the tach it sounded like a Italian sports car and to leave the pipe as it is. But like most of us, we know with just some minor adjustments to pipes and cats we came really get these things to sing. I too will most likely wait for the 2 Bros pipe.
I'm on the Two Brothers bandwagon also. Their setup on the F6B sounds good and the Valkyrie shouldn't sound much different if any.

Hopefully, I can get out to Vegas and arrange for them to make a map for it. I hate putting pipes on a 50 state bike without a map but that's just me.
If you go and get a remap is there a chance that you can do it with a torq masters torq loop? But if we are real lucky Two brothers will make a header setup with the pipes like they did with my 1998 F6C. It was a single wall that almost doubled the size of the exhaust header.


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I'm unsure exactly what Power Commander requires/allows for having a map made. I know if they're interested they'll make a map for the setup for free but I don't know how many or what their schedule is.

I may end up simply arranging a date for a map to be made, then flying out to Vegas with my pipes to meet someone in the area with a Valkyrie, having the map made and coming home.

Once the Two Brothers is released, purchased, and in my possession then I'll start the process.

As far as the Torq Loops, I could do the same thing.

The 1832 engine is so detuned I'm not personally interested in a single wall more open exhaust. If a company ever made cams for it then sure. As it stands now, I don't see much point in losing backpressure on such a low compression motor just to gain some high end power. I just don't want my bike to sound like a sewing machine so slip ons is what I'm after.

Also since no one ever made a complete header to muffler setup for the 1832 Goldwing (which has sold exponentially more units than the 1832 Valkyrie) I seriously doubt anyone will spend the time and money to make such a system.

In reality, I'm probably not going to keep the Valkyrie a long time especially with the lack of aftermarket support so I'm not getting crazy or dumping a ton of money into mine.
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I wonder if that was an issue with the 1520cc, and why they would make a header for those years? I'm not that knowledgeable on engines so I really appreciate your input.
I think simply it has nothing to do with the engine at all. I think it has to due with sales. Lots more of the old Valkyrie were made and for many years. So it was worth designing more products for it because they would simply sell easier and more frequently.

As we all know, the new Valkyrie didn't exactly make the list of "top sellers" and it's unlikely Honda will make it for more than a few years
Sadly, I'm an "enthusiast" not a "collector" so rare doesn't make it better for me. I must admit overall I like the Valkyrie compared to other large displacement cruisers but I am a little disappointed in it. I'll know by the end of the year if it's worth keeping or ditching based on aftermarket product support.
Well I just received my corbin seat, so after we get some pipe options I'm pretty much done with the money pit. I have two shields, Honda bags, grips and highway pegs, backrest, the seat, luggage rack, floods, belly pan, and of course the $18K to buy the thing. extended warranty tax and OTD fees I'm into the thing for about $22-23K. So yah I just put another year on the end of my retirement. I'll put another pic up tonight after I get home with the seat. I'm not a collector myself, just a rider. only have one bike at a time.
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