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Tsukayu Bags ?

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Anyone on here mount these on the factory Honda brackets? These also can be had with a flat mounting surface if that would work better. Looking for pictures & ideas. Thanks,Rod
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I am considering the SHORT STRONG bags because they are closer in size to the Honda OEM parts. My plan is to start with the Honda mount and stay and fabricate any adapter required. The Tsukayu sales team keeps telling me that they won't work because they are designed to mount on a fender strut. I am wearing them out with questions to see if I can use them with a modification.

If it works, I will come back here and let you know what I did. I can also make a duplicate set of adapters but I don't know if they would work with the taller bag.
I was planning to fab a small bracket to relocate the rear signals closer in to clear the bags. I think because of the "shaped" back of bags to strut mount is what has them worried on mounting. Have you looked at these? : The back is flat ! Thinking that it may bolt right up to the factory brackets for the leather bags. A few here have mounted the original Valk bags to this bike which are the same size as the regular "strong" bag. Just more to think about ! ..... Rod
If you put on hard saddle bags, you pretty much have to relocate the rear signal lights. Here are mine.

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