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Torq loops and Torq master muffler

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I'm going to put a Torq loop and the Torq master muffler on my 2014 Valkyrie soon. Does it need any fuel/air mod, remap or PCV ?
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Thanks for your quick reply. After install, the bike will reprogram itself?
Sounds best with one baffle pushed all the way to the front
Do these mufflers have removable baffles? I want more sound.
There are two (2) removable baffles on each side. Drill out the rivets on the bottom to remove. I cut the end off of one re-installed. Jimmy has a tool to remove them or you can make one yourself like I did from parts at the hardware store
Hi Ga Valk
How loud is it with out the baffled, is it sound better when you cut the end out ?
I rode it without any baffles and it appeared to not perform as well as it should, lack of back pressure. Hard to say how loud it was, but it sounds great and not too loud. I like the sound and the fact that the bike can breathe without the cats which I had ceramic coated
You guys are funny. The catalytic converters are not the pellet type of the 70s and 80s that restricted a lot of flow. The current catalytic converters flow so well that removing them does not add usable power besides 2-3 hp way up in the rpm range. Many have found a loss of torque at the more usable lower rpm range. Plus there is no stink nor rasp when left alone.
Can someone show me how to block the PAIR valve on f6c ? I just installed the torq loopz and TM muffler on my bike, love the new sound but hate the decel pop.
Thanks so much.
Remove the fuel tank and remove the air filter box. The pair system feed line is on the right side in front of the throttle body.
Got it, thank you very much.
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