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Tiny rubber plugs under fuel filler cover

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I found them floating around in the fuel filler compartment. They belong as shown on left side of the picture. They're obviously dampeners to stop the compartment lid rattling. No idea how they came out coz when I put them back in they were fixed pretty good. Maybe never in properly to start with(?) Just something to keep an eye on.


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I had one missing and ordered a new one.
Good to know I'm going to check mine
I’m going to glue mine. Not waiting for them to fall off.
I’m going to glue mine. Not waiting for them to fall off.
If they're in properly you might have trouble getting them out. The plug has a long tail with little fins to stop them pulling out once inserted. Possible you'll break them trying to get them out to glue them back in! Probably would just give them a bit of a tug to check they're in properly and then just keep an eye on them each time you fill up.
Ha! Thanks
I think I’ll put just a tiny drop of super glue next to them.
Thanks for the helmet lock strap storage place idea! Lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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