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Throttle "play"

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I adjusted the freeplay on my throttle today. It was set at the factory setting but I felt there was too much slop. It requires a single 12mm wrench to adjust. I tightened it up some and then turned the handlebars fully to both sides, lock to lock, to make sure the RPMs didn't rise due to the cable being pulled.

After adjusting it the bike rides much smoother, especially on-off-on throttle transitions.

Anyways, it was certainly worth the 5 minutes it took. Probably everyone has a different level of slop they like so test it out. My bike is 50 miles shy of 7,000 miles so it is possible the cables have stretched some.
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I've noticed mine has slightly more slack than when I first got it. I'm going to do a tiny adjustment. I only have about 2000 miles on mine.
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