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Hey all, I had an outstanding ride on Saturday and as usual I make a video out of those ones. This was the first time since we got hit with the tail end of cyclone Debbie at the beginning of the month that we could ride these roads as they really copped it big time. I know I was trapped at home for something like 26 hours without power but that is nothing to what some people had to deal with... and we only had as I said the tail end of the thing.

Anyway this video isn't about that as such. It is about three mates hanging out on Saturday, speaking vasts amounts of **** and riding bikes making that mongrel work week totally worth while.

Nothing better, especially on my Valk'

It is interesting to note that the Valk' makes a superb camera vehicle with its lack of vibration and good suspension. It is also interesting to note that commercial grade suctions cups are not real keen on sticking to a matt black Honda Fury and the only place with the image stabilization has half a chance on a Motto Guzzi California is the windshield. Tried the panniers... lol... no chance.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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