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Those with the Boulevard Screen?

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How do you like it? The windscreen options for the Valk are scarce and I like to use Honda parts where I can. I really don't like the tall screen at all but the shorty has me interested. I just did a 1400 mile trip on the Valk and depending on which way the wind is blowing riding on the interstate can be calm or head jarring.

My goal is to move the wind up just a bit to my helmet and off my chest and shoulders a bit to smooth things out. Now I'm only 5'8 so I sit pretty low in the bike as it is. I also noticed with my tank bag full and moved up really close to the bars it actually helped. So my though is the short screen will move the air up just enough to make it more comfortable.

I don't want to go with a big screen either since it kinda defeats the purpose of this bike for me. I like being out in the wind when I ride it. When I want coddling LOL I'll ride my Wing or my F6B but a little more protection wouldn't hurt for sure.

What are your thoughts? I looked at the Gustaffen screens but at almost $400 between the honda and that one together that's pretty steep. So your thoughts?
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How do you like it? Do you still have it on? Curious how it performs at higher speeds...
It moves the air a bit higher but the transition between clean air and air "outside the bubble" gets more turbulent.

Overall, for the price, I wouldn't buy it again.

I don't ride the freeway very much though. Maybe I would rate it higher if I did.
I purchased the Boulevard screen and find it doesn't really do much. However I did order and receive a GUSTAFSSON PLASTICS windshield which I asked them to be 14" instead of 15" - I'm only 5'6 tall.
It's being put on today so I can test it out to see how well it works for long hauls. It maybe expensive but this bike can really do some distance, so why not ride in comfort. My thinking was this screen uses the existing brackets from the honda boulevard screen so when I am not riding the highways on a road trip I can easily switch it out with the boulevard screen. The boulevard screen does provide some protection on daily commutes for the speedo and such (Which I hear is expensive if it gets damaged). It's a personal decision. The boulevard screen may keep enough wind off your chest at speed.
I find the boulevard screen is actually really good if you wear a full face helmet. it brings the wind off my chest, I can actually wear the zipper on my jacket down a little and I won't blow up like the stay puff marshmallow man lol. It cleans the air up around the helmet as well.

I'm ordering a Gustaffson screen next week and am actually gonna ride over there to have it installed. I'm going with the 15" one with the flip and in dark smoke I think. Maybe blue not sure. Should clean up all the turbulence and make for a very nice ride. Let me know how you like yours! I'm only about 5'7" so not much difference I'll be interested to hear your review.
I've had the boulevard screen on since the beginning of the season and have found it as a partial wind break and with your height may just right. I'm 6'-1" so it allows more of my helmet and just below the chin, but i do notice some cross wind, depending on the day, not sure if it is the screen or just wind directions of the ride!
Was looking at the Gustafson web site and see that they are offering a windshield hardware mounting kit. Has any one used or seen there kit and is it as good as the OEM hardware.
This would be the kit. Unless it has changed. It's also used for the Vario Touring Screen.

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Yes sir that looks like the one have you used this kit and is it as nice as the OEM one
I used this kit for the Vario Touring Screen, which does the job well. I'm assuming that by "OEM" you mean the Honda bracket? If so, no I have not used the OEM bracket.:)
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