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this is embarrassing

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It is embarrassing, being the only one with posted pics in the ride reports.

Would somebody please post something in the ride reports section ?
Do we not ride our F6C Goldwing Valkyries places and take a picture ?
I do not like being the only one who has posted in the ride reports.
I only did it to break the ice, and no one has followed up with anything.
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My new bike after my windshield installed, had it cut down to size and it looks awesome! How has your bike been runnin, i see we have the same color. Please post pics of your latest. I have also attached pics of old bike a Vulcan 2000, a very heavy cruiser and not like the F6C which handles and performs like a sport bike.


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Here you go , Regulator...
Posted in the proper forum.
... still wishing people would post ride pics and ride reports here.
So no posts from me. I ride to work almost every day, but don't take pictures. Holidays are upon us. I'll see what I can come up with.
seeing some more ride reports would be great, i feel like the mods/admins could encourage more reports to be up somehow
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