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the new valk is here

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delivery was supposed to be july 3, but happily for me, the plan changed to today. picked 'er up this a.m.

thanks for looking.
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awesome, she looks great!
are you going to do anything to protect the paint or what? i'd hate to see it any less than what it is now.
Hey! Other than garaging, what is there to do beyond routine cleaning?
Awesome, and looks like you've got some great scenery to ride around in too.

Likes? Dislikes?

Any plans to make any mods to your Valkyrie?
thanks, bebo. no mod plans for now except the tall w/s. dealer installs tomorrow. maybe hardbags way down the road.

love the entire riding experience: obscene amounts of smooth power and delightul handling. feels like it needs 6th gear at times but not a big deal. the speedo display is really neat. less shaft lash than my vtx 1800. horn sounds like it came from audi or m-b.

i could not be more pleased!
Hey! Other than garaging, what is there to do beyond routine cleaning?
I hear of this product called opti coat which is supposed to act like a clear coat to really protect the paint and might even prolong the color fading process since i think it also blocks out UV rays
A windscreen seems like a must on this bike. You don't want to be eating bugs every time you ride.

Glad to hear that you like the ride so much. Once you get the windscreen on there I bet it will be impossible to get you off the bike (until the gas runs out).
LOL helmets kinda take care of the bugs for you mate. Real worth in a windscreen is body fatigue. You don't have to fight the wind resistance meaning you can lay down many more miles of smiles ;)
Guess it depends partly on what kind of helmet you are wearing. Point taken though. Who wants to have bugs splattering on their helmet face though. I'd rather them on my windshield.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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