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A prolific video poster I am turning out to be but hey nobody else seems to be posting too many videos here and at least they are all about adventures on my Valkyrie so why not I ask.

Anyway a couple of things of interest. The Valkyrie may have old school fork tubes and not be advanced like the 2018 Goldwings but I don't think the new Goldwings can take a hit as well as our Valkyries. We ride all conditions, all roads and obviously I have a 2014 Valkyrie and I have 2 mates that both have 2018 Goldwings (I couldn't afford it haha).

Anyway the word road sometimes is used charitably and the Valk' seems to soak it up where I can hear on the intercoms the impact that comes through from the 2018 Goldwings and they are standing up on stuff I sit through. Nothing concrete there as I have not actually ridden one but I think this may be accurate and this hasn't come from just this video at all (I missed most of the potholes) but from months of riding with these guys. I was unhappy when I couldn't organize the funds for a new bike with my mates. Now I am not unhappy at all. I fell back in love with my bike and personally I think it looks badass.

Don't get me wrong, not knocking the 2018 wing an I may have one one day (Heh or another Valk, I saw one cheap and was tempted to get a spare). They have a smoother ride for sure, separate braking and suspension which is good but punching through a massive hole in the road on a substandard road... I think my big nasty forktubes can take a hit better. I also punched a Wallaby once at 50kph with no damage at all. That was a pretty good test. I can also lean further which is very good. Also not that I do it you understand but drag races seem to be neck and neck and I have a big weight penalty.

The second thing of interest. I really like the sound of the new Goldwings. I am considering pipes for my Valk to get similar because out of the box they are very sexy. At about 6:12 in this video you hear the new wing start. A little bit of sound effects at play here because that sound while it is from a 2018 wing is actually not from that helmet camera but from the camera at the back of my bike when it was parked next to his a couple of weeks ago or something like that. The point is that it sounds awesome imo. I would like that and it is mostly pipes I think.

Anyway if you like these vids here is my latest. The voices are much clearer so beware if a bit of Aussie bad language offends :D

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