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Talisman Leather tank bibs??

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Has any forum member looked into or purchased any of the available tank or bezel covers from ? If so I was wondering about the quality of the products and what materials are used for the backing,


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I have one on my ride. It’s a nice piece and has a felt of some type on the back. My only issue was a large drop of gas landed on it and made a mark. It’s barely noticeable but it was new so I noticed it. I emailed them and asked about it and they gave me cleaning instructions. It didn’t work I thought about replacing it with a custom leather version and decided I was being anal so I didn’t. It’s something I couldn’t do without. I have charger cords that come from under the seat and run under the bib into the back of the large pouch. It’s where I charge and keep my iPhone 6S and ecig.
Thanks for your reply..

My wife won’t be riding so I will be removing the back seat to ride solo. I’m looking at the bib myself for a place to put a few items since my back fender will be bare.
You won’t be sorry with it. I was looking at mine last night at the gas station and was thinking some black leather polish might be all it needs. The large pouch is big enough for phone wallet and pocket junk.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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