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Hello, I'm in Sydney, I ride my Valk everyday to work and then all day on my days off whenever possible.

I am going through the painful saga of trying to add luggage to a bike that no one cares about. As you can see I have added this nifty Shad which is expandable. In the pic it is compressed to 46 and can expand up to 58. I know it's ugly but I think it was one of the better options. My mechanic drilled holes in the OEM rear carrier to mount the Shad mount plate so i can pop it off if I don't need it.

You can also see the OEM side carrier mounts. I have not mounted any side bags yet. I am hoping to come up with a solution that allows me to pop them off when I am not using them. I have seen a Givi custom mount kit that drills on to an OEM rack like this allowing you to pop the E22N on and off. Shad do not offer such a kit. Shad make a cleaner looking mount rack than this OEM but it is not available for the Valk of course. My previous bike was a Bandit and it would seem I took buying aftermarket accessories for granted.

I have a problem with my tires, I am losing one or two PSI per day and I am pumping the tires more often than I am filling the tank. It is frustrating and my mechanic seems a bit bemused. This used to happen with my last bike too (same mechanic) but it used to improve with new tires. I have reshod the Valk recently and they continue to lose air at a similar rate. I am seeing people talking on forums about checking their pressures once a month and it is really pissing me off.

Other than this I really love the bike, the ergonomics are quite good for my large height, it's perfect for my long cruises on my day off and surprisingly easy to ride in traffic on my commute (at least on the days when I pump the tires) I just can't be bothered pumping them everyday.

I would really love some suggestions on what to do about my problems and I'm keen on browsing the forum for pics of peoples luggage, seats, lighting, windscreens and most of all EXHAUSTS


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