I was getting mine serviced at DFW Honda for a busy Spring season, so I popped out on the sales floor curious to see what 2018 GWings were going for, but I now realize I never achieved that goal. I was immediately distracted by three 2014 Valks, black with a windscreen and 3,607 miles, a blue one with 3,155 miles and wine colored with 1,084 miles, Highest VIN was about 001860. In response to my inquiry, they explained that they haven't been able to get enough bikes from Mother Honda, so are grabbing any leftover stock from any dealers across the country. The website shows 2 more blue ones, one with saddle bags and 5,848 miles for $13,995, the other was 17,265 miles for $12,995. Loving mine even more, and took the long way home! Here's the link: All Inventory | DFW Honda