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stock mufflers with ceramic coating

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New black ceramic coating on the mufflers , Corbin seat , aero footpeg , Viking saddlebags. :)


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How do you like the Corbin Gunfighter seat? Is the position the same or forward or back from stock? Fit and finisn good? Thinking about the same seat for my blue bike.
Only 100 miles on the Corbin but i already like it , great finish/quality , better than the cheap oem vinyl , for the position it's a little back from stock , fitting is 95% you need to make some little adjustment on the front and rear brackets , very easy to do.

About the finish i choose Leather for the driver , asphalte vinyl for the side , and Carbon fiber vinyl for the (monoseat) , i like the result. I think the Asphalte vinyl is not good for the rear section ,very fragile in my opinion. Good for the sides only.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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