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Sparks ahoy.

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I get a kick out of dragging the foot pegs but the original feelers are crap and I figured I might as well make a spectacle of the thing while I am at it.

I saw this thread by Xyzzy but the price for those is high getting them to Australia ($130au) so I found some that were for an VTX 1300 and gave those a shot for $50au.

These screwed straight in and where pretty much the right length so I thought I was onto a winner.

This however IS NOT the case. While these things spewed sparks very nicely they were trashed in 4 laps of a round-a-bout so unless you are pretty light on them I would not advise the use of these.

If you look at the photo above you might notice the damage my Vice Grips did to the things. They are very soft so I should have realized what was going to happen.

Sorry about the blurry image but you can see these have gone from brand new to gone and eating into the foot pegs in a few laps of hilarity.

$50 bucks gone like that but I am an infant at heart and really got a kick out the sparks so I decided to revisit Xyzzy's thread again. The bit about them being not quite in the right place because the Goldwings pegs are a little lower then the Valkyries bothered me so I emailed and asked them if they do them for Valkyries. I got a response back really quick from Dan saying that he was sorry but at the time there wasn't much of a market for Valkyries.

Stuff it, there must be something I can do so I thought I will give this thing one more shot and ordered the titanium peg savers from PepsX. They turned up and the first thing I noticed was they were really hard. I couldn't dint these things so I was hopeful of a better outcome however the Valkyries have a spacer that the Goldwings didn't so that had to be addressed.

I am basically lazy and will pretty much always find an easy way of doing something and hey presto I found a real easy way of addressing the spacer issue.

I just left the original spacer on for the first bolt and made one for the second bolt... with a nut... hahah.

First I went down to the hardware store and spent 5 bucks or so and bought these 2 items.

The nut is to use as a spacer, the bolt is for the extra length the original Valkyrie spacer creates but the Peg Saver kit doesn't accommodate for.

If you are a pro you take the pegs off and jig them etc but as I said I am lazy and I will find the easiest way to do stuff thus the instructions that follow.

1: Unbolt the foot peg rubber but leave the peg on the bike.

2: Remove the original feeler but don't lose the spacer, or the bolt.

3: Bolt up the peg saver with the original bolt but NO SPACER.

4: Using the Peg Saver as a template carefully drill a 7/32 hole to get yourself a good pilot hole then remove the peg saver. I wanted the hole to be in the ball park as much as possible so I used 7/32 as it close fit through the hole in the Peg Saver but was not tight so less chance of thread damage.

CAUTION: Take care when the drill penetrates else you will have a nice hole in your side cover.

5: Using the 7.32 hole as a pilot run the 8mm bit trough it then waggle it around a lot to account for small misalignment that may occur. Probably better to use bigger but I don't have bigger so a good solid waggle does the job nicely.

CAUTION: Take care when the drill penetrates else you will have a nice hole in your side cover.

6: Bolt the thing back together using the original spacer and the new bolt and the new nut as a spacer and good to go.

NOTE: Don't forget to use locktite.

Job done!

Now are these things pissweak like the first ones I tried I hear you ask? No.
Are they worth the $130au it cost me in my opinion. Yes for 2 reasons.

1: I like the sparks as I am an not the most mature middle aged person you may come across.

2: Look at the condition of them

I installed them on Friday the 24 of April 2014 and that photo was taken a few minutes ago on the 5th of July and at least every Saturday I ride. At minimum that would be 1 or 2 decent touch downs if I just go down for just breakfast. If I go on a ride I will touch them down every single opportunity I get. As I said... immature but hey... sparky sparky and my pegs don't get any more damage.

BTW the my mounting method seems to have no issues with strength. I have clipped some "cats eyes" and while the bang was considerable there doesn't appear to be any damage. All good so far with extreme abuse.

IMPORTANT: I did this job months ago so some details may be slightly incorrect but basically this is how it was done. Also if you botch it then it is your fault for following dodgy instructions from the internet.
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Here I thought I was the only Valkyrie rider getting the bike way over scrapping feelers.

I'm good for at least one scrape per ride, and my feelers are half gone, but I'm way past middle age.:D

Looking at the frame, tires, and knowing how well the Goldwing handles I was pretty sure it would be a fun ride. I was 100% correct.
Thanks for the write up. I ordered a set after reading it.

Now may I ask a favor? Could you take a close up picture of your front and rear tires showing the wear areas you are getting at that lean angle? And what tire pressure do you use?
Yeah mate no worries when I get home.
Ok this was the original front tire when I changed it at 11751k's

This is the Harley Davidson branded dunlop pos I am running on the front atm because it is all I could get with 14502k's on the clock, hard to see but depending on how you look at it then it appears to have maybe 8mm to go

This is the original rear with 14502k's on it

No more lean angle left that is for sure ;)
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Oh sorry I forgot tire pressures. Sunday before I went for a blast I put the gauge on the cold and got 240kpa front and 260kpa rear if I remember correctly. If I have a pump available at the time I would pump them to recommended which is 250 front and 280 rear??

BTW thinking about it the servo tire pressure things always seem to read high and I actually trust the reading from my gauge so I would say I generally run around 240kpa front and 260kpa rear most of the time as stated. Not a big fan of the Harley Tire either. It is ok, hasn't slipped on my but I felt more comfortable on the original.... just couldn't get my hands on one at the time.
Thanks for those tire pics. Great to see someone use ALL the tire on a Valkyrie. And looks like you are running close (just under) the recommended tire pressure with good results.
Great Riding!
Yeah no problems at all with grip. Exceptionally stable, just superb. Even with the Harley hoop on the front I can't really say I have actually had any traction issues and may be just in my mind I felt more comfortable on the original. In the wet tho that back tire is a laugh a minute ;)
You know, a video of you sparking all the way around a roundabout would be really cool and motivational.
lol I am actually hoping to get a shot of me from outside the bike tomorrow. I am the only one of my group who runs a helmet cam so I have never actually seen it from outside but I am all for motivation so you never know what may happen if I get the chance ;)
Shrubbo what was the price of the harley tyre fitted? and does Honda now stock the originals (price)?
Since I only have 2500ks on it in a year and I never scrape I guess I still have a fair way to go before new tyres lol
I think it was $230au fitted and go by what he said they should now have the proper ones in tho I don't know of the price or if they are actually in the shop.
You know, a video of you sparking all the way around a roundabout would be really cool and motivational.
Sorry superjim, received some advice that I decided to take and removed the vid. They worked as advertised is all I can say :)
I should flesh that last post out a bit. I have the misfortune to live in a state that has some seriously draconian laws regarding "hooning". I am sure there could be worse somewhere but nothing is jumping to mind atm.

superjim, you won't be disappointed mate, I would have to say now seeing it from the outside it works way better then I thought it did.
BTW 2, removing it had nothing to do with the admin on this site. Everything to do with what could happen to me where I live. Glad some of you got a laugh out of it before it came down. It may or may not have been 2 laps as well superjim :D
BTW 2, removing it had nothing to do with the admin on this site. Everything to do with what could happen to me where I live. Glad some of you got a laugh out of it before it came down. It may or may not have been 2 laps as well superjim :D

Ah man, I was out of town and did not get to see it:(
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