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Smitten at the dealership

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Hi guys and gals! I haven't bought yet, but I found an amazing deal on a new 2014. Under 11k!!! I love this thing already, but I have questions and I need answers.

I need to be able to tour on this, so I need luggage and wind protection and passenger back rest at minimum. Are the Honda accessories the best way to go? Anyone had any luck in the after-market? Is this thing going to be able to get me 300+ miles in a day or do I need to bark up the Goldwing tree? This bike is just so intriguing to me.. I really appreciate your input.


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Quite honestly if you really want to tour, the F6B is the way to go. I has everything you want and actually has accessories if you want to change things. The performance is almost exactly the same.

Due to the F6C having no aftermarket support, I wouldn't recommend it for a touring bike.

Of course it's simply my opinion but I think I'd have been much happier overall with an F6B myself. The Valkyrie is more like a novelty item where the F6B is actually functional.
agree with mrtappan
although , with a couple of thousand dollars or more ,you can make it into a long haul bike
Yeah, getting it for 10.9k with 3k in bonus cash..that't the thing. I love the look and feel of it alot more than the F6B. I just want a windshield and some bags. The deal is enticing. The lack of support isn't. Especially what I'm hearing about tires? Difficult to find?
windshield and bags by Honda , $1300
you may need a seat , too
If all you want is a windshield and bags, that's possible.

The seat really is awful. I toured to 46 states on a Yamaha Roadliner. Near the end of each trip (day 15+ or so) it would get a little rough in the saddle. The Valkyrie is rough in the saddle after maybe two hours......

I rode mine from Gulfport to Pensacola over the holidays weekend. After about 100 miles I remembered how bad the seat is. Luckily a seat is one of the few aftermarket things you can get. Not so lucky is if you don't like the Corbin either then you're left to "custom made seat options."

When I bought my Valkyrie (early after they came out), I assumed it would have close to the same aftermarket support as the previous Valkyrie. That was my one mistake. If I had waited and seen how little they made for them I would have went with the F6B. The Valkyrie looks better to me than the F6B but in the end...... that's all it really has going for it in a comparison.

The seat is just fine for me, I don't need to change it. I have a french SECDEM windshield, cheap, adjustable in height, nice looking. The top case is a Givi 52 liters. When I travel, as I ride alone, a big bag on the passenger seat will do.

The F6B is nice, so much under the price of a standard Goldwing (about - 33% in France, considering that the Goldwing with airbag is 33,000 $) for so little differences apart the airbag but the F6B is way too big and heavy for me as I ride daily downtown Paris.

My bike has now 27,300 miles on the clock.

For the tires issue, the OEM Dunlop tires are "une grosse merde" which means they are really slippery on wet roads and thus dangerous but there has been a real improvement lately. It was easy to get Michelin PR4 Trail on the front (120/70x19) and PR4 on the rear. Pirelli Scorpion are available too and a recent test say the are amazing on wet roads. That's what I'll have next I guess
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