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Simple mods,without any major tools...

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Here are some modifications or fixes I've done to my Valk so far...

First I've put a cell phone charger in the right box underneath the right cowling.
The whole was already pre-drilled,the socket was from Ebay...directly fixed on the battery with 25A circuit fuse.

Second mod was on the tank cover.
There were no rubber "things" grommets to lift the cover when you unlock it.
So I've put the thick rubber strip behind the hinge of the cover.Now it pops out without any efort.Before I had to lift it with nails or other key which was a big risk for chrome finish.

Third mod was anything but a mod,I simply took paracord line and made a loop so it goes snug enough around the gas tank intake.Thats where I hold the key for Corbin boxes since I don't want it on the main keys to scratch the gas cover while riding the bike.

Thats it for now.

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I'm having a hard time understanding the need/purpose for the fuel door mod. I turn the key, the lid pops up, and I gently lift the lid up without need for any external force or tools. What does the rubber thing do for you that isn't happening without it?

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Strange. I wonder why it wasn't working as it should. You shouldn't have to do that. Maybe take it to Honda and see if they can give you some idea. But, you've fixed it, so maybe not worry about it. I hope that higher pressure from the rubber doesn't push out a dent in the cover at some point.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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