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Greetings! I live near Los Gatos here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I picked up my new blue Honda Valkyrie back in early January. I tried to join this board back then, but some odd reg issues delayed me a bit. :)

Location-history wise, I've been here by the City of the Cats for the last 20 years. Previously I've lived in Michigan, Nevada, Missouri and other parts of California (as a wee kid).

Bike-history wise I learned to ride by joyriding my dad's old Virago 1000 back in the early 80's when I was too young to have a license. My first real bike was a Honda Helix scooter in the early 90's, followed by a beat up old '82 Gold Wing GL1100. In 2003 I swapped out to a GL1800, then defected to Beemerland (giving the GL1800 to my dad) and rode an R1150GS-ADV and then an R1200GS for a number of years.

After 80K-ish miles of getting 'adventure motorcycling' out of my system, followed by a knee going bad, I traded it all in for a pretty green Valkyrie from Craigslist, hoping that I could still cruiser-ride with a bum leg. It didn't work out so well so I sold it off a year later, and took what ended up being a 5 year long vacation from motorcycling to heal up.

This January I picked up a nice blue 2014 Honda Goldwing Valkyrie as my way to get back into 2-wheeled fun. I still don't walk distances so well but I'm mobile enough to be a safe rider again, and I'm having a blast. Of all the bikes I've had the F6-1800 engine is my favorite, though the 2-wheeled-RV nature of a full blown 'Wing isn't my cup of tea. Finding that engine in a beautiful cruiser format? Oh, heck yeah. Thank you Honda!

Glad to be here, will try to share ride reports. I'm a bit of a tech geek and love putting mods on things, plus I'm an ex drone pilot with way too many GoPros and portable video gear bits that I strap on my bike nowadays instead. I'm still rebuilding my riding skills and stamina but so far, so good. Once I get a proper custom seat worked out I hope to be back to long distance trips once more.

Nice to meet everybody!


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