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Side Cover query

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Can anyone give some help please. Is it possible to get new side covers in the black with the Valkyrie badge on instead of in chrome . Honda lists in their accessories the part only in chrome. In the UK the bike comes as standard with the black side covers and the F6C badge on, I would really like black covers and Valkyrie badge. Or has anyone changed the black covers for chrome and looking to sell their old black covers. Any help will be great
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From this thread:

They show up here:

#12 & #15

Very expensive!

Edit: The emblems are available separately. I have no idea if they use the same mounting holes. You would have to check to see if the underlying black panels have the same part numbers.

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Side Covers

Thanks for the help and info. I had a look at these on the site you said, parts are there,but when tried to order the Valkyrie emblems went ok till shipping charge came up. They wanted $98 for shipping. The 2 parts only came to $65. Bit much I thought for shipping maybe, maybe I keep looking for cheaper option of shipping. Thank you anyway for help
I looked at my side cover a bit closer just now and I noticed that the emblem sits inside a groove of plastic. A picture of it is below. Does your side cover have a similar groove for the emblem to sit in?

As for shipping to the UK, perhaps someone from the US could send them to you? I have mailed stuff to the UK before and the cost was pretty reasonable. The emblems probably would fit into a padded envelope.

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Thanks for that info. I have looked again and there does appear to be a groove for the emblem to fit into, but it is only as long as the F6C badge, but the cover does level off after the groove so don't think that the longer Valkyrie emblem would be a problem. As of yet not sure of anyone living in USA, so maybe a bit more investigating to see about shipping. Thanks for all your help though really appreciate all this
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