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Looks great! And where exactly did you take these pictures? I looks like you are living on a desert isle.

How do you like her so far? Have you made any mods or bought any accessories?
It's a seaside town called Sitges near Barcelona (Spain). The bike is all and more than I was expecting. Everything I had read about it is true and she's an absolute pleasure to ride but when you twist the grip....! :D Really, there's not much to fault. Obviously she's thirstier than my other bikes and finding places to park or maneuvering in tight spaces can be a bit tough. The wind blast at high speeds can get annoying but I bought it knowing this and it's a concession I'm happy to make. So far haven't felt the need for any mods. I would like a set of levers in black and when the grips are worn I'd like to find some cool ones. Will take her on a trip round parts of France and Holland this Summer so that should be fun.
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