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Scratches on meter/panel that wont come out - need parts help

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On my new 2015 I have some scratches in the plastic that covers the meter and also the plastic that covers the neutral, low oil light, etc panel. I cant get them to come out and I am looking to replace the cover(s) which will hopefully take care of. I have attached two pictures. One is from the shop manual and one is from the OEM parts schematic. Does anyone know if part number 2 from the shop manual has the plastic screen in it and if replacing this part would resolve my issue (new plastic over meter and indicator lights) - it sure looks like it from the diagram. I am not sure if the meter itself is the screen or if part number 2 or number 8 from the other picture is what I need - I am thinking number 8 and number five would resolve my issue but want to confirm. The chrome part number 5 is a little messed on my bike up so will replace too. I can replace the parts for pretty cheap unless I have to buy the actual meter and then that is over $500 and a deal breaker. Wondering if anyone has taken the meter apart and can tell me what I need to buy to get a new surface that is not scratched for both the meter and the indicator light areas.

I told the dealer but didn't push to have replaced as frankly I don't want anyone working on unless it is something I cant do and don't want a screwdriver or something dropped on my tank. I will cover the tank with a towel when I do any work as accidents happen. This bike looks hard to work on and not scratch something up and that terrifies me when taking to a dealer. Rear fender has to be removed to replace the rear tire and getting the seat off it is very easy to slip and scratch the paint when removing the bolts. OCD sucks lol.




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you do not remove the rear fender to replace the tire. Check youtube videos to see how it is done. The easiest way is to lay it down on a blanket and remove the tire. Also the seat bolts are Allen head so it would be very hard to slip and ding the fender.
Not hard at all - I have done it. I won’t lay my bike over to have rear tire replaced as too picky about my stuff and going based on what shop manual from manufacturer says. Honda doesn’t expect someone to lay a bike over to change a tire - even in the south.
Even with hard bags,this bike can be raised on a lift to remove rear wheel without removing bags or fender.The single sided swing arm makes it easy !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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