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Saturday Oct 3rd ride.

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I finally got the video of the ride we had on the 3rd of October done.
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Thank you Shrubbo for these beautiful images, it is great!!!
Safe journey to all.
Very well made! Good music! Thanks for the fun!:D:D
Love it Shrubbo! Wifey and I are gonna do this ride for sure :)
Hey Shrubbo, I'm making up a route based on (part) of your epic trip, but since wifey is not safe on dirt roads can you confirm there is no dirt/gravel sections on Lions rd/running creek road between Innisplain and Kyogle? I tried streetview but it's missing sections :(

Our plan is Logan>Beaudesert>Innisplain>Kyogle>Murwillumbah>Gold Coast>Logan 314Km 4.5 hours...this should be fine for an inexperienced rider you think?
Yeah mate that's all fine, no dirt. Lions rd can be rough in places but just take it easy and it is a scenic ride. I have a better suggestion for you unless you specifically want to drone back up the highway....!1m0!3e0

Mostly a nice ride, just keep in mind from time to time you can come across a total crap bit of road that needs fixing but this is pretty much wherever you go. This route ranges from country hwy type riding, narrow country roads, valleys to threading up and down ranges with some nice views.

The end of this plot drops you at Canungra. I highly recommend "The Outpost" to stop for a coffee or whatever before the last leg home, it will be on the right and the first business you see on that side. That is pretty much my favorite place... well at 5:30am anyway :D

Inexperienced rider? I can't really answer that. They are public roads and as long as you ride within your limits I can't see anything inherently dangerous.
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Rippa Shrubbo, we'll try it out!.

Yeah that return route is our 'usual' trip, we go Logan>Outpost Cafe(yum)>Beechmont>Nerang>Murwillumbah and then onto Cabarita beach for the day.

On our return we usually choose the highway drone because it's at least 45 mins quicker when we are tired at the end of the day. Yeah we're old people in our 50's....late in the day is 5pm for us ;)

But after we watched your video we really want to try Lions Rd, wifey is fine on sealed roads of any condition, but the weight of the 919 is too much for her short legs on dirt, even after I had the shock lowered at Rad shocks. Then she had the bright idea to get a Fury, but tha's even heavier 300Kg+, and when we went in to teammoto to get one the salesmen were total d**ks so we walked out. Long story short the 919 is probably better for her anyway, twice the power, awesome handling (for a standard) and at least 100Kg less so she's keeping it.

If you ever see a black valk and a red 919 on the's us!
lol old, **** I am 48 bud. You're only old when you can't ride ;)
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