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Saddle Bags

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Just finished mounting my Honda plain saddle bags. Had to wait for them to arrive. After looking over all the fasteners , about 40 pieces total ( picture scratching head ). I realized you can scan the QR box to get directions online at power sports . Brackets and bolts are very close to fender. So if your doing this alone put masking tape under grab rails. ( little scratch ) Also the top rubbers for the side covers fell out. Put them in the house to warm up and after reinstalling put some O ring lube on them. Works much better. They look pretty good but the angle front to back is a little strange. The fronts flare out and the backs tuck in. I'm sure I'll get used to it. Overall I'm happy with them. Even though their soft bags it's better than no bags. Also works with my plan to keep weight as low as possible. They weigh about 20 Lbs. on postal scale.
Bought this Honda about 1 week ago and only put 1 mile on it. Tough to live in western NY at times.
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