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Riding in Tennessee

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We trailered 4 cycles from Wisconsin to Fairfield Glade, TN, today, a Goldwing, VTX 1800, a 1500 cc Valkyrie and my F6B.
I left my Valkyrie at home. I feel I can ride my F6B all day and my Valk still has the stock seat so it is not good for all day yet.
We plan on riding to Deals Gap, Blue Ridge Shyway, Wheels Thur Time, Daniel Boone National Park.
And any other roads that we find.
Weather looks good for the next couple of days should be a blast before winter hits back home.

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Looks like an awesome ride.

It was a sad day for me yesterday. I put my Valk away until spring.

Enjoy yourself.
We found some great roads one was Calf kill hi-way thur the woods and the road was about a foot higher than the ground, no forgiveness if you go off the road. I believe hi-way 96 was another then we took and then went to Stand Rock Park. At the end we stopped at Big Eds BBQ to end the day.
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I don't like the idea of putting it away for the winter, although I totally understand the logic. I do an end-of-season oil change. Plug in the battery tender, and throw the cover on. But I'm only 10 minutes away from taking a spin if it's at least 40 degrees and dry roads. No different than snowmobiling in northern Maine; you just have to dress properly for the conditions. Honestly, I'd sooner get a little ice in my beard than ride in the rain on an 80 degree summer day.
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