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Ride of the Valkyrie - Dan Lockhart

I'm new to this forum. I was referred here by Richmonder 馃槑 a YouTube friend.

I've been making content on YouTube for three years. I live in Crested Butte, (south-western) Colorado. I document my rides on YouTube. My goal is to show you my rides by exploring Colorado. So much to see!

Several of my rides are 360 degree in which you control the camera point-of-view. I use the GoPro Max 360 mounted on my fairing with a GoPro suction mount and a GoPro Hero8 mounted as a chin mount on my helmet. I edit my videos with Adobe Premiere and Wondershare.

I've ridden many of the epic mountain passes such as;

  1. Independence Pass (Aspen)
  2. McClure Pass
  3. Wolf Creek Pass
  4. Kebler Pass
  5. Red Mountain Pass
  6. Monarch and Cottonwood Passes
  7. Slumgullion Pass
  8. Ohio Creek Pass

And documented my rides in the canyons;

  1. Black Canyon of the Gunnison - National Park
  2. Taylor Canyon
  3. Big Horn Sheep - Browns Canyon
  4. Little Blue Creek Canyon

    And a ride over 500 miles from Crested Butte South to Ouray, Silverton, Durango, Creede, Lake City and back home again. This was my best ride last year. The video is 1.5 hours long. Grab some 馃嵖 and enjoy.

This summer, I'm planning a ride to Steamboat Springs - Colorado, going over Cottonwood, Vail, Loveland, Berthoud and Rabbit Ears passes.

There are four national parks in Colorado and I intend to make videos of all four. Black Canyon (video is done), Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde and Rocky Mountain.

I'm getting new tires a week from today, then I'll be out there again.

I hope you enjoy my videos. I just make them for my own entertainment and my legacy.

Thanks for letting me join this forum!


Dan Lockhart

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Welcome, Dan! Glad to see you here. Hope you'll become a regular contributor.

Guys, I have been following Dan's YouTube channel ever since I bought my bike. His rides are full of beautiful mountain scenery. He's a good guy. Check him out. Those 360 degree videos are incredible. His camera shoots in all directions and you control whether you see forward, rear, or side.


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Thanks for the question.

Yes, my primary camera is the GoPro Max. I also have a GoPro Hero8. I mount the Max on my windshield with the GoPro suction mount. GoPro claims they will stay on up to 140 mph. This is my third season and it's never let go. When I use the Hero8 I use a GoPro chest mount or a chin mount I fabricated from a moldable glue. Both of those mounts are also super sturdy. The footage from the chin mount swings around quite bit with every movement of my head. The chest mount footage is stable but lower in the field-of-view. The Max will record for about an hour, the Hero8 usually runs about 25-35 minutes, so a lot of battery changes. I used to use two GoPro7's one mounted forward and one reverse on the windshield, but the Max is really all I need.

I have the Sena Momentum helmet which has a built in camera. It's awful compared to the GoPro's. The GoPro stabilization technology is vastly superior. The Momentum has a lot of Bluetooth and intercom functionality. It can connect to 8 other Sena capable devices. I use it to stream music from my phone and I'm now trying to use it for real time narration to my phone while I'm riding.

Now for the challenges. It was a steep learning curve to be able to export and edit the Max footage. Also, it's a resource pig. A recorded 500k video will expand to 1.5Gb file once it's exported. I use Adobe Premiere for the edits on the Max and Wondershare for the other footage. Depending on your internet bandwidth it can take quite a long time to upload and I've had videos that took 1-2 days in YouTube to fully process to 5K.

I really have fun doing it though.

I also make skiing videos in the winter time. This was a fun one I did with the Max of my wife and I at Christmas time.

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Awesome, thank you for all the details! The 360 on the windshield is definitely a great idea!
You're welcome. If you get the GoPro Max and you need help with editing, I think I fairly well understand (after much frustration and watching YouTube videos) Adobe Premier now and would be happy to help you through the learning curve.
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