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Ride of the Valkyrie - 360 Entrance to Summit - S3 E17 - V3

Finally! This one is more of the quality I was looking, though still not perfect.

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This is a 360 video. You control the camera POV with your mouse or Smart phone if you have the YouTube app. For the highest quality, make sure you have your YouTube player set at 2160s 4k. This video takes a lot band width to play correctly. There is no music, or overdub, just the sweet sound of Casper as he growls his way from the entrance up to the summit of Pikes Peak 14,110 feet / 4,300 meters. This is my third upload of my Pikes Peak ride. The first was shot with my GoPro Hero 8. The second version was shot with my GoPro Max, but not rendered as 360 VR. This version is the best I could do of the 360's some minor artifacts here and there. Adobe Premiere has plugins for 360 video and what I've discovered after many tests is that I can't use any of the VR plugins such as VR reframe and VR horizon because it creates many artifacts.

It's nearly an hour long.



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